nCovid-19 / Coronavirus



Following recommendations and legislation from our governing bodies (UK.Gov, HCPC and College of Podiatry) from Monday 18th May 2020 we are OPENING the clinic at Redcar and able to provide services for patients.


Our satellite Marton clinic is now also accepting patients.

We will still triage all patients by phone first for FREE to assess needs and offer treatment options. Patients are reminded that only one person will be allowed in the premises at one time and all payments are to be made via contactless in the clinic or pre-paid at the time of booking. NEW PATIENTS WILL NEED TO PAY AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.


Unfortunately due to Covid-19 and the increased restrictions and resulting increasing costs we are no longer offering our 'Simple Nail Cut" or 'Minor Treatment' (£15) service. All routine and nail cut appointments will now be charged at £35 new patient's at £45


Please call 01642 937295 or email for further advice.

Please note that the Boots rear exit/entrance is currently closed and access to our clinic is only available via the main courtyard gates on the sea front. These gates my be closed whilst the clinic is open but they are NOT LOCKED whilst we are at the clinic, when attending your appointment please open the gate and let yourself in where possible.

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